In Summer Rain

In Summer Rain

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Composer's Note:

In Summer Rain explores the sound of a rain storm, from realistic soundscape to remote transformations. Rilke’s poem, “Before Summer Rain,” evokes the odd feeling we get when we sense that rain is coming. My piece begins like this, in a typical suburban setting, but soon the downpour rushes us into an imaginary interior world, where harmony colors the rhythm of rainfall, and thunder and lightning take on new forms.

This is one of a series of my pieces that weaves in and out of natural soundscape, using it to prompt memories and associations while experimenting with its ability to take on harmonic color and animate rhythm. I think of this music as a form of magical realism, and I hope listeners enjoy entering and leaving the make-believe realm.

Much of the pitched sound you will hear comes from recordings of rainfall, subjected to precisely tuned filters and a process of spectral analysis and recomposition.


Technical Notes:

This piece is best served by an 8-channel loudspeaker configuration in a "double-diamond" arrangement:

1-Lf 5-Cf 2-Rf

3-Ls 4-Rs

7-Lb 6-Cb 8-Rb

Alternatively, 4-channel and stereo mixes are available. In all cases, a subwoofer should carry a mono mix of all channels, unless the speakers have full frequency range.

First Perfomance
Auer Hall, Center for Electronic and Computer Music (CECM) Concert, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, April 24, 2022
SEAMUS series
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