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Jane Rigler, flutist/composer/improviser/educator and Deep Listening® facilitator is a dreamer and collaborator. Exploring the complexities of language (i.e., rational, irrational, conscious, subconscious), through sound, voice, gesture, movement, as well as the mysteries of codes and other non-human syntax, Jane Rigler (flute/ electronics) investigates the acoustic and electronic phonological musical sounds that emerge from the combination of the unwanted or accidental natural sounds from instruments and resonating objects. Jane thrives at artist residencies like Civitella Ranieri, Montalvo, Ucross, and Harvestworks that promote her cooperative, curious nature. In 2009-10 she received the US-Japan Friendship Creative Artist Fellowship, and she spent 2020 in Ireland on a Fulbright Award where she studied Irish (Gaeilge), Sean-nós and the ancient Ogham scripts for a series of new compositions based on research of the stones, ancient trees and landscapes. An Associate Professor at the University of Colorado (UCCS) she teaches Sound Art, Intro to Computer Music, Creative Music Ensemble, Flute, Composition, Improvisation and Humanities courses that integrate listening with various disciplines. She is an affiliate faculty with the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience where she is focusing on expanding her Deep Listening© research and community work.


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Jane Rigler InterPresence Flute
Jane Rigler RED Solo Piccolo

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