Randall Snyder


Randall Snyder was born in Chicago in 1944 and attended University of Wisconsin where he studied with Hilmar Luckhart, and Bert Levy earning a DMA degree in 1973. He has taught at colleges in Illinois, Wisconsin and for several years at the University of Nebraska, where he was resident composer from 1993-2008. He currently is a freelance musician living in Lincoln, NE. and adjunct professor at Peru State College.

ACE Publications

5 title(s)
Randall Snyder ETUDES IN WOOD Native American flute, modern flute/alto fl
Randall Snyder Meditation for a Dark age Any Four Instruments
Randall Snyder PRISM solo Native American flute
Randall Snyder TIMESCAPES Solo Native American Flute
Randall Snyder TRANSVERSE for Flute Duo: Two Concert Flutes or Native American Flute and Concert Flute

Additional Works