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Music of the New Lullaby Project, Volume One
Fifteen 21st-century works for solo guitar.
Commissioned, curated, and edited by Aaron Larget-Caplan

In association with ALC Publishing

*Winner First Prize in the Paul Revere Awards for Graphic Excellence from the Music Publishers Association (Guitar Music category), as well as Second Prize (Book Design category) 2020-21. 

3    Francine Trester          my darling’s slumber
6    Agustín Castilla-Ávila   Perseiden
10  Stephanie Ann Boyd    Esperanza
15  Carson Cooman           Unfolding the Gates of Dawn
18  Scott Wheeler               Nachtlied
23  Alan Fletcher                 Lullaby in Three Voices
27  Thomas L. Read           The Moon Through The Window Shines Down
31  Patricia Julien               After Many Days Without Rain
34  Barnaby Oliver             The Pillow That You Dream On
36  David Leisner               Disturbed, A Lullaby
41  John McDonald             You Are Alone To Sleep
45  David McMullin             Sleeping Light, Spinning World
48  Vineet Shende              Reva’s Lullaby
52  Eric Schwartz               Song Softly Sung, in Trying Times
54  Demetrius Spaneas      A Child Sings at Thanksgiving


New Lullaby (2010) - recordings

Nights Transfigured (2020) - recordings


Curator's note (excerpt):

The solos found in this first volume give an introduction to the more than 60 compositions written between 2006-2020 by over 50 composers from nine countries. Volume one contains compositions from Austria, Australia and the USA, and have lullabies inspired by composers’ children, song and the intimacy of singing to another, the end of night, poetry, longing for sleep, our troubled times, and of course, the melding of stars and moonbeams. On a theoretical level there are a variety of musical languages: tonal, 12-tone, contrapuntal, North Indian, First Nation, additive, minimalist, and quasi-improvisational. A few will stand out for their use of extended techniques, only three require scordatura, and harmonics abound!

These compositions assert that the sonic boundaries of the guitar are only limited by the composer’s imagination and physical abilities of the player. Whether a student, amateur, or professional there is a lullaby for you.

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