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Titles beginning with A,  or THE are alphabetized by the next word thereafter.  Please try to be consistent with the name of your piece in all uses of it - Sonata for Piano, is different from Piano Sonata, and any AKA or alternate titles must appear only after the given title.  
If you have assigned any rights to performers or do not wish to offer compulsory recording licenses for this piece for a period of time, please explain. 
This score is complete and ready for ACA publication
Composer's program note/dedication/themes; Level of difficulty
Please deposit all score and parts files by separate email to composersmail at gmail dot com
If any files are larger than 20 MB, use the folder system through ACA or transfer system of your own to securely get the files to ACA.
If you are using published poetry, you must list the title of the book, title of the poem, author, editor, publication details, and year of publication. If year of publication is after 1923, you will need to supply a letter of permission showing you have permission to 1. set the text to music and 2. to have the music published 3. to have the music performed.
If you are using unpublished poetry, you must list the name of the author and the date of the text. The composer and composer's estate is responsible to share any earnings with creative partners if they have agreed with the partner to do so. Please list % of authorship of the overall musical work, or information about the author's membership in a performing rights society.
If your work contains any material not in the public domain (pre-1923), a copy of permission letter from the author(s) and/or publisher(s) of the text mailed or Emailed to ACA is required before this work can be registered with BMI. Please don't set texts before you have full permission to use them. ACA assumes no publication for works that have uncleared rights issues.
Overall file upload size should be within 8MB and a maximum of 8 files can be uploaded.

Allowed extensions: pdf.
Other types of files or larger files require file transfer service such as"
Upload requirements